Irtec Licence - Independent technician accreditation

Irtec licence Accreditation scheme is a renewable and voluntary accreditation scheme that assesses the safety and competence of technicians who maintain and repair vehicles in the commercial vehicle, trailer and passenger carrying industries.

Irtec Licence Accreditation

Skills, safety and professional development

Through Irtec, technicians and mechanics can add to their qualifications and demonstrate that their skills and knowledge are up-to-date. A licence proves a commitment to safety and demonstrable professional development by both the technician and employer.

Technicians who take the Irtec test are assessed on their theoretical and practical skills and, if successful, are awarded an Irtec licence Accreditation which certifies the individual, rather than the employer, and can be used to demonstrate a common standard of skills from one company to the next.

An licence is valid for a period of five years after which the license holder must undergo reassessment for renewal.

Vehicle classes

Irtec Licences are available in the following vehicle classes:

Large Commercial/Goods Vehicle (over 7.5 tonnes)
Bus and Coach


    Types of Irtec Licence Accreditation

    Wolds Way Training offers Irtec Accreditation licence at two benchmark career levels which reflect a technician’s job role and experience. Licences can be taken in various vehicle classes. Technicians are assessed on both practical competence and theoretical knowledge.

    Service Maintenance Technician

    The minimum entry requirement is 2 years industrial experience OR a Level 2 S/NVQ (or equivalent qualification) plus at least one year’s experience in a relevant industrial environment.

    The practical assessments tested in the Service Maintenance Technician Licence are as follows:

    1. Braking Systems
    2. Vehicle Electronic Systems
    3. Engine Mechanical Systems
    4. Transmission Systems
    5. Suspension and Steering Systems

    Inspection Technician

    The minimum entry requirement is 3 years industrial experience or a Level 3 S/NVQ (or equivalent qualification) plus at least one year’s experience in a relevant industrial environment.

    The practical assessments in the Inspection Technician Licence are as follows:

    1. Inspection of Vehicles
      VOSA/OCRS (theory test)

    Irtec Licence Accreditation

    In order to achieve an Irtec licence Accreditation, a technician must first carry out an hour-long theory (Under Pinning Knowledge) test, before completing a practical assessment. Practical assessments are carried out at an Irtec-approved assessment centre, although they can be carried out in the workplace (under controlled conditions) by an Irtec-approved assessor (additional charges may be applicable). Once you have completed the Under Pinning Knowledge theory test, you have 12 months in which to successfully complete all the practical assessments.

    Once accredited, irtec technicians agree to abide by the >> irtec code of conduct, receive a licence card, certificate and are placed on the >> irtec technicians register. As an additional benefit, irtec licence holders are eligible to apply for a free >> Halfords Trade Card.